The Elephant, The Tiger and the Cell PhoneTitle: The Elephant, The Tiger, and the Cell Phone: Reflections on INDIA – The Emerging 21st-Century Power

Language: English
Author: Shashi Tharoor
ISBN: 0670081450
Amazon Link:
My Rating: 3.5 (Out of 5)
Read: October 2009
Comments: Great book and in similar lines to Guha’s ‘India After Gandhi’. Tharoor has brought back common memories fresh to our minds hinting us with great facts.


India After Gandhi;The History of the World's Largest Democracy

Title: INDIA – After Gandhi
Language: English
Author: Ramachandra Guha
ISBN: 0060198818
Amazon Link:
My Rating: 4.5 (Out of 5)
Read: September, 2009
Comments: A literal eye-opener. A non-detailed version covering comprehensive topics and areas post Gandhian Indian Era. Extremely impressive narration with an envious bibliography. Great Work.


The White Tiger

Title: The White Tiger
Language: English
Author: Aravind Adiga
ISBN: 1416562591
Amazon Link:
My Rating: 3.5 (Out of 5)
Read: July, 2009
Comments: An excellent narration of ‘common man’ perception. Aravind Adiga’s successfully draws the caricature of the main character in reader’s mind and leave us with a observatory experience.


Title: Indian Summer
Language: English
Author: Alex Von Tunzelmann
ISBN: 0312428111
Amazon Link:
My Rating: 3.5 (Out of 5)
Read: May 2010
Comments: Had a wrong impression reading the first half. But at the end, I feel that it had left me a good impression. More Mountbattennish but the intention was fruitfully fulfilled. A good book to smell the ugly truth.


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